Monday, May 9, 2011

National Scrapbooking Day ~ Challenge #12
Challenge #12 ~ Kid Theme

Phewf! Finally finished with all 12 challenges!

I feel like a terrible crafty mom, because after over a year since my daughter has been born, I have not been able to do anything in her scrapbook. The last page I made was before she was born. There are only 4 pages in her scrapbook, and they are all ultrasound pictures. So....I took this opportunity to use this challenge to get to work on my daughter's scrapbook.

I've just got to say...when I was a kid (and at times even now) I loved looking through my baby book. My baby book was nothing special...more like a family album than anything else. Because of this, I wanted my daughter's scrapbook to be something VERY special for her. I want her to be able to look through it when she is older and feel special that I did so much work for her. That's my hope and I really do hope she'll enjoy seeing herself as a baby and watching her grow up.

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  1. don't you love that you get all caught up on National scrapbooking day? I'm all caught up on my birthday cards for the next couple of months! love it!